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Crystal Therapy

Balancing and enhancing the energy flow with the help of stones and crystals


Crystal Therapy is an alternative medicine technique that involves placing gemstones around and/or on the person’s body (fully clothed) while conducting an energetic healing session.


How does it work?

Crystals emit energy vibrations and as such they are able to affect the electro-magnetic energy fields that surround and permeate the physical body. These fields include all the subtle bodies (etheric, mental, emotional, causal, etc.) that form our aura.

Crystals can be used to correct any imbalance at the energetic level, due to their ability to direct, focus, absorb and diffuse energy, bringing back harmony to the whole system.


Crystal Therapy Session

Crystals of different type, size and dimensions, are selected according to the persons needs and accurately placed on sites of pain, acupuncture points, meridian lines, on energy centers (chakras) and/or positioned in a grid.

Crystals are left in place for a period of time (usually about 50 minutes) during which the person relax while being facilitated the most appropriate energy alignment available.  



Crystal Therapy promotes deep relaxation and balance within the physical and subtle bodies. It helps lowering stress levels, releasing pain, unblocking unprocessed emotions and thoughts.

It is a safe and pain free therapy that can be used on animals, small children or plants.


All my Crystal healing sessions start with an aura scan and repair and finish with a quick chakra balancing, to create the best conditions to receive and retain the effects of the healing.


Crystal Healing Session (60 minutes): $ 90