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Violet Flame

Esoteric Empowerment Tools

Learn how to connect with the Violet Flame and how to use this ancient and powerful tool of transformation to boost your spiritual journey.


In the Violet Flame Workshop you will discover how to use the Violet Flame in your everyday life to transform your physical, emotional and mental energy, how to use it to help others, and how to purify a place from negativity.

You will be guided through meditations and exercises that will connect you deeply to the Violet Flame, allowing you to have your own experience of its essence and how to invoke it.

All the information will be given in a clear and easy-to-use format, so that you will immediately be able to experience the benefits from working with the Violet Flame.

You will also receive an attunement that will bring the Sacred Fire of Transmutation into your very core, to remain within you as a pilot flame ready to be activated at your desire.

The Violet Flame can be safely and effectively used by anyone at any time: it can help lighten up a bad day, creating the space for a healing, meditation or ritual, and it can become a very precious tool in supporting whoever is walking their journey of awakening.



The Violet Flame Workshop experience:

  • Introduction to the Violet Flame
  • How to use Violet Flame to transform energy
  • Touching base on the concepts of Intent and Responsibility (how to use it with Integrity)
  • First group meditation: connecting with the Violet Flame
  • Second group meditation: calling in the Violet Flame
  • Violet Flame attunement
  • Third meditation: activating the Violet Flame
  • Grounding with the help of the Violet Flame
  • Final group meditation: sending the Violet Flame out in the world.


Material Provided

Every person will receive:

  • Reference manual containing the information shared during the workshop
  • Picture of the Violet Flame
  • Crystal
  • Post course support.



Prerequisites: none


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