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Pellowah Workshops

Pellowah Workshops

The Pellowah Healing Technique© has a series of three workshops. Level One and Two are practitioner workshops and Level Three is the trainer workshop.


The Level One workshop (1 day) gives the attunement necessary to become a practitioner of this amazing form of healing. Through this attunement your own awareness will be greatly expanded.


The Level Two workshop (1 day) gives an attunement that allows you to connect with the high being you were when you made the decision to be here at this time and place. This connection will enable you to bring the energy and consciousness of your higher being into your everyday life to complete your mission.


The Level Three workshop (2 days) is a teacher trainer course that will provide you with the attunements and information required to teach Pellowah Healing Technique© Level One and Two. The attunements will take you to a higher level of awareness. The Level Three workshop is currently taught only by Kachina Ma’an, the founder of the Pellowah Healing Technique©.


Pellowah Level 1 and Level 2 workshop

All students will receive:

  • Level 1 & level 2 manual
  • Level 1 & 2 certification
  • Registration as a Pellowah practitioner with Kachina Ma’an (the founder of Pellowah)
  • Post course support


Prerequisites: none


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