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About Us

At Emeraldine Energy Therapies we take a holistic approach to the person by considering the interconnections between the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects and how important is the balance between them in order to achieve true and lasting well-being.


We particularly recognize the importance of the spiritual aspects in helping you:

  • finding and following your purpose in life
  • recognizing and embracing your lessons
  • walking your path with more grace and ease
  • learning how to find and maintain your own inner peace
  • shining your light!


The ultimate goal of each counselling, of each healing session and of each teaching is to help you:

  • building awareness of your own choices and actions
  • becoming the conscious and active creator of your experience
  • growing trust in your ability to make the right choices for yourself
  • trusting and enjoying the process!


Our Beliefs:

  • At Emeraldine Energy Therapies we believe that next stage of medicine is vibrational medicine. We are passed the stage where, as an example, your only option if you have a headache is to ingest few aspirins: now you have the choice of continuing on the path of denying/suppressing symptoms (taking the aspirin and go back to your chores hoping that it will pass) or looking at your headache as an energy imbalance that can be corrected with a simple action like giving yourself a quick healing, breathing consciously for few minutes, sharing those thoughts that are bothering you with a friend or maybe just drinking some water to help flushing those toxins from your system.  This doesn’t mean you will never need medical assistance anymore, but getting  awareness and learning how to maintain your mind-body-spirit balance can dramatically improve your overall state of well-being and your attitude towards life and its challenges.
  • We believe we are all at different places in our journey. We all have travelled outside the path in some occasions: sometimes we even got lost for a while. So there is no judgement in where a person is, just a hand that is handed to help finding the way to be back on track. When we are on track it doesn’t really matter what happens around us: we feel a sense of inner stability and strength. We feel that even if not everything is as we would like it to be there is a sense in what is happening and why it is happening like it does. We feel deeply connected, in charge of what we can change and at peace with what we cannot control.
  • We believe that the healer is never the one who does the healing. We all have the ability to heal ourselves and when we forget how to do it, a healer can help us by holding a space that allow us to remember. Wellbeing (and any step towards healing) only happens with the will and intent of the person who is seeking it.
  • We believe we all need guidance at some point in life, but no one can tell us what to do. We can be pointed to the right direction, but ultimately we are the only ones able to make the right choice at the right time for ourselves.


Meet Alessandra

Hi! My name is Alessandra, and this is a little bit of my story.

Formerly trained as an Engineer, I moved to Australia in 2010 after receiving a job offer. Little I knew back then that this move would completely change my life. Not only I had the opportunity to live in a new and beautiful country (Australia) that I absolutely love, but I finally had the resources (time and money) to invest in my personal growth by start doing more of what I loved. My first encounter with energy work was (surprise surprise) with Reiki. That was perfect because my logical and analytical mind at the time needed a solid and structured technique like Reiki to start opening up and making sense of what I later discovered to be the vast and fascinating world of vibrational therapies.

If you are wondering what that is, Vibrational therapy is the name given to frequency medicine, which is what we would call “mind-body-spirit” therapy. Mind-body-spirit therapies are defined as therapies that treat the whole person (not just the physical body). Vibrational therapy includes a number of remedies: acupuncture, homeopathy, sound therapy, kinesiology, flower essences, crystals and many more. The concepts of meridians, chakras and aura belong to Vibrational medicine. Any hands-on healing technique belongs to Vibrational medicine as well.

Back to my story… since my first Reiki course in 2012 I became an avid learner, spending almost all my free time attending lessons and workshops available on energy related therapies such as different types of hands-on healing techniques, sound healing, chanting, meditation techniques, flower essences, essential oils, EFT (tapping) and past life work, just to name some. Everything I was exposed to was somehow just right for me at that point of time I used myself as the main guinea pig to experience all that each technique or practice had to offer me. Not to mention that these were years of intense inner work and deep inner change… not always easy, but among the most meaningful years of my life so far. I loved every minute of it!

Finally, in 2018 I decided to take the big leap of faith and leave my career in the corporate world (that in the meanwhile had flourished) to share all that I learned with whom may need it, and to make myself available for what comes next.

Something that my experience taught me is that we are all beings in continuous change and evolution, and what we need today may be different from what we may need tomorrow or in one week or in one year time. Nevertheless, we are always drawn to what we need in that moment, in fact this is how I met all of my teachers and some of the most amazing people that seemed to just appear at the right time.

So if you feel drawn to see me or to talk to me follow you intuition, for there surely be a reason for that feeling: there may be something I can do for you or maybe something that you can share with me! Each way it would be a pleasure to meet you!


(This is a picture of me with my awesome German Shepherd Axel, my loyal and loving companion for 12 years!)


My Qualifications

In a nutshell, I am a holistic counsellor and vibrational therapist specialized in hands-on Energy Healings. But if you (like me) like to look at the details, here is the list of all my qualifications and certifications:

• Diploma in Holistic Counselling • Diploma in Complementary Therapies (including Colour Therapy, Crystal Healing, Chakra Scanning and Balancing, Guided Meditations and Esoteric Healings) • Codes of Change and Acceleration© Trainer • Pellowah Healing Technique© Practitioner and Trainer • Reiki Practitioner and Trainer (Masters 2013, 2014) • Past Life Assimilation Technique© Facilitator • Light Dynamics Practitioner • Arbah Healing Technique© Practitioner • Esoteric Acupuncture New Energy Healing Practitioner • Spinal Flow Certified Practitioner


Additional experience / areas of interest:

• Sound Healing • Australia Bush Flower Essences (Level 2) and White Light Essences • Sacred Geometry • Violet Flame and Sacred Rays • Tree of Life Kabbalah (TOLK)