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Tesla Purple Plates


one of the greatest inventions in the field of alternative medicine!


The goal of Tesla plates and discs is to bring more life energy (Prana, Chi, cosmic energy) to whomever uses it and to speed up inherit ability for self healing. The manufacturing process of plates alters the atomic and crystalline structure of the material, and that is how these plates are harmonized with the basic frequency and vibration of the Universe, making them your very own portable LIFE ENERGY GENERATOR! 



The constant use of Tesla Purple plates and discs helps you:

  • increase physical and mental energy
  • improve mental activity
  • improve sleep quality
  • slow down aging process
  • improve quality of meditation
  • reduce stress / tension
  • alleviate pain
  • increase intuition
  • support cell regeneration, physical healing and recovery
  • protect from electromagnetic radiations and many more…



Tesla Purple Plates can be used as often as you like – until you feel “strong” enough. Small disk, small rectangle and triangles are usually worn around the neck, producing the best effects when placed on the heart area.

Here are some other ways you can use your Tesla Purple plate/disc:

  • place them underneath plates, bottles and glasses to energize and remove negative vibrations from food and water
  • place on acupunctural points to relieve pain
  • hung in space (for example on a chandelier) to protect home from negative
  • electromagnetic radiations
  • place on a chair and sit on it to relieve back pain
  • place under the pillow for better sleep
  • place underneath sick houseplants to coax them back to life
  • water plants using water treated with Tesla Plate to improve growth
  • place underneath or next to crystals to energize them
  • place around the pet collar or under their water/food bowls to speed up recovery or to keep them healthy.


Tesla Purple Plates are not a replacement for classical medical treatments, but a remedy which helps us to maintain high energy levels that helps the body returning to balance and increases the ability to heal and renew cells.



Tesla plates and discs do not have any unwanted effects.







Forms Dimensions Price* Buy from our eBay shop
Disk small SUNNY dia. 4.5 cm $ 40.00 Buy disk small
Disk big SUNNY dia. 10 cm $ 55.00 Buy disk big
Triangle man SUNNY side 4.5 cm $ 40.00 Buy triangle man
Triangle woman SUNNY side 4.5 cm $ 40.00 Buy Triangle woman
Rectangle SUNNY 6,3 x 9,3 cm $ 45.00 Buy rectangle
Big squared SUNNY 21 x 21 cm $ 150.00 Buy square big

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* prices include shipping within Australia



Each Tesla Purple Plate and Tesla Purple Disc package contains:

  • user guide
  • hologram
  • a cord for easier usage.


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To read more about the product (including the latest scientific researches) visit the manufacturer website at