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Private Sessions

Private sessions are one-on-one dedicated sessions focussed on facilitating your wellbeing and personal inner growth.

This time spent together can help you gaining clarity about a specific situation you are dealing with, recovering from mental, emotional or energetic exhaustion (usually after a particularly stressful/tiring period), feeling more centered and balanced, or getting a boost of energy to jump-start to your next project. If you have a specific issue, situation or state of being you want to work on we can focus on that. Otherwise you can just relax and “bath” in the harmonious healing space that is created.

You can choose your preferred option for a private session between the ones listed below:

  • Energy Healings (including Reiki, Pellowah, Crystal Theraphy and Chakra Balancing)
  • Holistic Counselling
  • Past Life Assimilation


If you are not sure which one would be more beneficial or if you need more information feel free to contact me to discuss all the options.  

for more information or to book an appointment