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“I didn’t know exactly why I was drawn here but half an hour after starting I knew why I was here. The Violet Flame is something that I will be using on a daily basis.”

Jude O. – Violet Flame Workshop


 “A wonderful uplifting experience.”

Melissa C. – Violet Flame Workshop


” I started counselling with Alessandra when I decided I no longer wanted to feel down because of my past and the limiting mental and emotional patterns I had acquired throughout my life. Alessandra proved to be the right teacher for me and to this day she guides me though the tricky territory of my emotions showing me how to learn my lessons and let go so that I can move on to happier places in my life. She has an impressive body of knowledge and techniques and uses her intuition very wisely to facilitate enormous healing, change and transformation in a gentle and compassionate way. I highly recommend Alessandra’s guidance for all souls who want to liberate themselves and experience a more serene and joyous life. This is her gift to the world.” 

Sonia M. – Holistic Counselling


“I was told by one of my teachers that I needed to let go of some old patterns which were holding me back in this life. Even though I believe in past lives I was a bit sceptical about how someone can take me back to a past life. I went in with as much an open mind as possible.

I was blown away by the immediate connection that was made and so gently held by Alessandra for me to remember very vividly both visually and emotionally what I had experienced in a past life. I really thank you Alessandra for enabling me to clear the past karmic patterns. It has changed my life.”

Andrew F. – Past Life Assimilation


“Alessandra is an amazing gentle yet powerful lightworker who provides a loving non-judgemental and safe healing environment.

Her healings have made a life changing influence on me and as a result my world has completely changed around, I have become a better person and it’s a rippling effect for those around me.

Thank you”

Carolyn H. – Private Healing Session


“I have worked with crystals myself and have found it to be a very effective self healing. That was nothing though compared to the work Alessandra did on me. It was a very thorough healing. I find Alessandra’s technical knowledge and kind heart to provide a balanced approach which allowed me to feel safe and consequently open to the amazing healing I received.”

Andrew F. – Chakra Balancing