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During an energy healing session I work on your energy centres and subtle bodies to correct imbalances that can affect your physical, mental, and emotional state of wellbeing. By correcting the imbalances at the energetic level, you will experience benefits at all levels:

  • physical (reduction of pain, withdrawing of symptoms, …)
  • mental (more clarity, ability to focus/making a decision, relaxation, …)
  • emotional (overcoming a challenge, reduction of anger/sadness, …)
  • spiritual (sense of purpose, inner peace, …)

Energy Healings are effective non-invasive modalities that can help virtually every known condition. They have no side effects and always creates a beneficial effect. They also work well in conjunction with any medical treatment or therapeutic technique to relieve side effects and promote recovery.


During a private energy healing session (distant and in person) I usually intuitively choose and apply the technique/s that I feel is more appropriate for your needs at that point of time. Of course, if you feel drawn to a particular type of energy or want to experience a specific technique (for example you want to try a Pellowah healing) you just have to let me know and we can use the technique/s of your choice.

Here are some of treatments you can choose from:

·        Reiki

Spiritually guided life force energy for stress reduction, deep relaxation and energy boost

Learn more about Reiki Treatments


·       Pellowah Healing

Deeply relaxing, calming and rejuvenating. Empowering at a core level. Balancing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual

Learn more about Pellowah


·       Crystal Healing

Balancing and enhancing the energy flow with the help of stones and crystals. Curing and soothing

Learn more about Crystal Therapy


·       Chakra Balancing

Clearing and balancing of the body major energy centres for physical, mental and emotional strength and alignment

Learn more about Chakra Balancing


·       Arbah Healing

Energy transplant for the aura (only available in person)

Learn more about Arbah



All my energy healing sessions include an aura cleansing and rebalancing with the use of the Violet Flame.

Energy Healing Session (in person – 60 minutes): $ 90

Energy Healing Session (online/distant healing): $ 45


If you have any special requirement (impossibility to travel, mobility issues, etc.) feel free to contact me to discuss other options.