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Past Life Assimilation

Clear the blockages from the past to live happier and freer in the present


Past Life Assimilation is a powerful technique that erases any past life blockages that are affecting your life at the present time. With this method you can tap into past life memory consciously and heal any trauma associated with the experience, as well as gaining the full understanding of how it was affecting your life until that point.

Past Life Assimilation can be extremely beneficial in case of fears, phobias, emotional reactions or repetitive patterns and that seem completely irrational or that seem to resist by other healing modalities.

The effect of this technique can be quite dramatic; in fact by resolving (therefore removing) the cause of the trauma, the person is finally free to shift and adjust to a less limiting and fearful way of thinking and being.


Past Life Assimilation (45 to 60 minutes): $ 70