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Codes For Change and Acceleration

A new technology for growth


Codes for Change and Acceleration is a unique, simple, powerful and efficient New Technology for personal Growth.


What does it do?

  • Increase Intuition, Clarity, Empowerment and Awareness
  • Brings a sense of excitement for life
  • Puts you in control of your own personal growth
  • Helps you to operate on a higher level in your daily life so things become easier.


How does it work?

The Codes talk to the deepest part of you, allowing growth on an expanded yet personal level.

It is very simple – like pressing buttons on your hands.

Pressing these places on your hands activates amazing effects within both your physical body and your energetic field.

Once you have completed the workshop it only takes five minutes to reactivate the incredible benefits. Your personal growth can be at your own pace. This can be done either daily, weekly or whenever it feels right for you. It’s like losing weight without dieting, except it’s for Self Growth.

It allows everybody to have a totally normal life but still be in charge of their own progress.



Currently the Codes are taught in two workshops: Codes for Change and Acceleration 1 and Codes for Change and Acceleration 2.

Each workshop will teach you 10 characters (each one accompanied by a specific attunement) that are the basis to create the 13 Codes you will learn and be activated to during the workshop.

NOTE: Each series of 13 Codes is independent from the other, so you don’t have to do the workshops in a specific order. You can also choose to do one of the two workshops only.


Material Provided

All students will receive:

  • Student Manual
  • Post course support


Prerequisites: none


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