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Energy transplant for the aura


Arbah Healing is a form of healing that consists of introducing plasma current (neutral energy with codes imprinted into it) in the person’s aura. This is like an organ transplant but for the Aura instead of the body.

This process encourages the energy of the person to reconstruct from within by following the new given blueprint.


Arbah Healing can be useful for panic attacks, depression, mental problems, severe and chronic illnesses, mental anguish, addictions and people with behavioural problems.

The healing takes about two weeks to compete and within this time the energy of the person will change for Arbah provides the impulse as well as the pattern to copy from for better change and spiritual growth. The success of the healing on the long term highly depends on the willingness and desire of the recipient for change to occur in their life.


Arbah Healing: $ 60